The Anjuman has to date sixteen institutions situated in Bhatkal town, and adding on more. It's schools are spread over the town to reduce commuting time, and the men’s colleges and professional institutions are situated on its main campus, the Anjumanabad. Started humbly as a primary school for boys, Anjuman has grown to an enrollment of more than 7000 students including primary school, high school, undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.


  • Anjuman Institute of Technology and Management
  • Anjuman Institute of Management and Computer Application
  • Anjuman Arts, Science, Commerce College and PG Centre
  • Anjuman College for Women
  • Anjuman College of Education
  • Anjuman Pre-University College
  • Anjuman Pre-University College for Women

High Schools

  • Anjuman Boys High School
  • Anjuman Girls High School
  • Anjuman English Medium Girls High School
  • Islamia Anglo Urdu High School
  • Islamia Anglo Urdu High School, Nawayath Colony

Primary Schools

  • Anjuman Primary School
  • Anjuman Noor Primary School
  • Anjuman Azad Primary School
  • Anjuman Takia Primary School