What do all those letters stand for?

AAPS Anjuman Azad Primary School

ADC Anjuman Degree College and PG Centre

ABHS Anjuman Boys High School

ACE Anjuman College of Education

ACW Anjuman College for Women

AGHS Anjuman Girls High School

AGHSNC Anjuman Girls High School, Nawayath Colony

AIMCA Anjuman Institute of Management and Computer Application

AITM Anjuman Institute of Technology and Management

ANPS Anjuman Noor Primary School

APS Anjuman Primary School

APUC Anjuman Pre-University College

APUCW Anjuman Pre-University College for Women

ATPS Anjuman Takia Primary School

IAUHS Islamia Anglo Urdu High School

IAUHSNC Islamia Anglo Urdu High School, Nawayath Colony