History of the Presidency

Janab Abdul Rahim Jukaku

Term of office: 2015

Abdul Rahim Jukaku is the 9th president of Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen. Before becoming the president, Jukaku has served as the general secretary of Anjuman for eight years from 2007 to 2015. Read more…

Janab S.M. Syed Khalilur Rahman

Terms of office: 1995-2003, 2008-2015

Janab Mohtisham Abdul Ghani

Term of office: 2003-2008

Janab S.M. Yahya

Term of office: 1991-1995

Janab Ismail Shabandri

Term of office: 1989-1991

Janab S.M. Syed Mohideen

Term of office: 1969-1989

Janab S.M. Syed Muhammad

Term of office: 1961-1969

Janab Hasan

Term of office: 1920-1961

Janab F.A. Hasan

Term of office: 1919-1920